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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

ezlaze 940 Dentistry treatment for oral surgery and periodontal treatment gives you important advantages over conventional treatment using scalpels and sutures. We offer ezlaze 940 Dentistry treatment to improve your comfort and provide better results from your dental procedures.

Laser Dentistry vs Conventional Treatment

  Conventional Treatment with Scalpels and Sutures ezlaze 940 Dentistry Treatment
During Your Procedure Local anesthetic with needle and shot required to prevent pain

Bleeding is common

Many procedures performed with ezlaze 940 Dentistry require only topical anesthetic

ezlaze 940 Dentistry reduces or eliminates bleeding

Immediately After Your Procedure Post-operative medication usually required due to stitches Less need for prescription pain medication with ezlaze 940 Dentistry
Recovering From Your Procedure Healing usually causes prolonged discomfort and often takes 6-8 weeks recovery time Healing usually takes less time with less discomfort with ezlaze 940 Dentistry

What can ezlaze 940 Dentistry do?

At Buttermilk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Crescent Springs we may use ezlaze 940 Dentistry laser to treat your gums or any other soft tissue in your mouth to:

Improve Your Smile
We may suggest contouring or shaping your gums using ezlaze 940 Dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile – safely removing excess gum tissue that may give you a “gummy” smile, or make your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

Remove Oral Growths
We may use ezlaze 940 Dentistry to remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth including gum tissue over an unerupted tooth, small “tags” called papilla, and growths called fibromas.

Fix a “Tongue Tie” or Prevent Gum Recession
Connections that restrict the movement of your tongue or cause your gums to recede can be “released” with ezlaze 940 Dentistry.

Treat Periodontal Disease
We recommend using ezlaze 940 Dentistry to remove debris between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of teeth.

Relieve the Pain of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters
ezlaze 940 Dentistry often provides immediate relief from painful cold sores and fever blisters.

How does ezlaze 940 Dentistry work – is it safe?

ezlaze 940 Dentistry is one of the most advanced dental technologies available today. It was developed by BIoLASE technology, the leader in dental lasers. BIoLASE dental lasers have been used to treat millions of patients.

A ezlaze 940 laser creates special, highly concentrated light energy, and sends it through an optical fiber to its handpiece. your dentist uses the handpiece to aim the laser energy at precisely the areas to be treated. Some laser systems combine the laser energy with a gentle spray of water.

ezlaze 940 Dentistry was developed specifically to repair decayed and damaged teeth, and treat gum and other soft tissue in the mouth safely and comfortably. It can be harmful to eyes; however, so you, your dentist, and anyone else in the treatment room when the laser is being used must wear special protective glasses.